Global Resolutions LLC
Promoting Collaboration in the Business and Government 
Global Resolutions LLC is a comprehensive conflict resolution company offering complaint and dispute resolution system assessment, design and training services; conflict resolution, negotiation and mediation training; and mediation and other informal conflict resolution services in private industry and government.  Mediation training offered to the public is provided through My Florida Mediator and course offerings can be found at  Under the direction of Gregory Firestone, a nationally recognized leader in the field of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) with 25 years of experience in the conflict resolution field, Global Resolutions LLC creates innovative ways to build strategic partnerships and collaborative alliances with employees, customers and vendors while increasing productivity and decreasing the likelihood of costly litigation. 

Promoting Collaboration

Our work often begins with evaluating the manner in which complaints and disputes are resolved and developing a plan for promoting greater collaboration among employees, customers and vendors. 


Collaboration means working together to maximize benefits  in a manner that creates sustainable synergies that enhance value over the long term.  

Just as in the 20th century, successful companies learned to develop financial systems to increase accounting efficiencies, successsful companies in the 21st century are recognizing the need for effective complaint and dispute resolution systems to maximize human efficiencies.

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